About Civil Court


Unfortunately, it is all too easy for people to unwittingly become involved in legal proceedings.  If that happens we can provide impartial and common sense advice.  We can often save you money by dealing with the problem quickly and efficiently.   We will give you advice in a way that you can understand and will keep you informed of developments as they occur.

We have particular expertise in disputes relating to wills, estates and inheritance and can guide you through your rights and obligations in a range of situations.  Below are some examples of questions we are often asked:

  1. A relative has passed away but his will does not accurately reflect his wishes. Is there a way around this?
  2. My partner passed away without leaving a will and I haven’t been left with sufficient financial provision to live. Can I do anything?
  3. The Will Writer we used made an error which has caused us problems and financial loss. Do I have any redress?
  4. The executors of my relative’s estate are not distributing the assets honestly. Can I stop them?
  5. What can I do if I want to contest a loved one’s estate?

In all of the above situations, there is always something you can do.  There are tight time limits for bringing matters like this to Court, so please contact us as soon as possible and our experts will talk you through the process.

Stokes can manage almost any dispute you may have, including the following areas:

  1. Wills, estates and inheritance
  2. Landlord & Tenants
  3. Property & building disputes
  4. Debt Recovery and insolvency
  5. Boundary disputes
  6. Employment and settlement agreements
  7. Professional negligence
  8. Consumer disputes
  9. Court actions and representation

For further advice or to arrange an appointment, please contact:-

Paul Blakey
Legal Executive (Member)
Email: pb@stokes-law.co.uk
Tel: 023 9282 8131

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