Will Questionnaire

    NOTE: if your permanent home is not in England or Wales, you should not use this form.

    Please contact us to discuss the subject if you have any overseas property.

    Please give full names, where known, and relationship (e.g., mother, uncle, etc.)

    Alternatively please call our Private Client department and speak to one of our team.

    All information provided in this form is dealt with in accordance with Data Protection regulations - please refer to our Privacy and Disclaimer.

    1. Your full name

    2. Your full postal home address

    3. Your date of birth

    4. Your daytime telephone number

    5. Marital status

    6. Full name of your partner or spouse (if any)

    7. Do you and your spouse/partner require joint wills?

    8. How many children do you require named in your Will?

    9. If any of your children under 18 years old – do you wish to appoint a guardian?

    10. At what age should any beneficiary or child receive their share of the Estate? This cannot take place under the age of 18.

    11. How many adults (no more than four) would you like to act as your Executors?

    12. Do you have any gifts of money, valuables or property (i.e., legacies and bequests) that you wish to make?

    13. After paying the legacies, debts and expenses, do you want everything else to go to your spouse/partner?

    14. Do you wish to include funeral instructions (e.g., burial or cremation)? If so, please state what you would like, but please also tell your family or friends so that they know your wishes when the time comes.

    15. Do you have any pets that you may wish to ask someone to look after in the event of your death, or you may want them to go to an animal shelter for re-homing?

    16. When the Will is completed, do you want us to keep it here for you? This service is free of charge, and you will receive a copy of your completed Will to keep.

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