Relationships – Civil Partnerships


The Civil Partnership Act which came into force on 5 December 2005 allows same sex couples to make a formal legal commitment to each other by entering into a Civil Partnership through a Statutory Civil Registration Procedure.


Important rights and responsibilities flow from entering into a Civil Partnership. Some of these responsibilities can include a duty to provide maintenance, equitable treatment for the purpose of life insurance, employment pension benefits, recognition under Intestacy Rules, access to fatal accidents compensation and recognition for immigration and nationality purposes.

If a Civil Partnership breaks down then the process for dissolution is through the Courts. As well as dealing with the dissolution of the Civil Partnership the Court can deal with the financial issues and has wide ranging powers in relation to maintenance, property and pensions, etc.

As experts in Family Law, Stokes can advise you in relation to Civil Partnerships whether you are considering entering into a Civil Partnership, already in a Civil Partnership or wish to seek a Court Order for the dissolution of a Civil Partnership. Please contact our Family Department.

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