Assisting you to reach an agreement on issues arising from a relationship break down.

Our Resolution trained mediator, Beverley Gent, is a lawyer with over 20 years experience in family law and is able to help you find a solution. She will act as an impartial third party who will assist you in reaching decisions about your future and provide you with essential legal information.

Stokes Solicitors are pleased to offer a specialist mediation service to clients who are in the process of dealing with a family or relationship breakdown and who want to deal with matters in a civilised way and work together to find a solution for themselves and their families.

If mediation is not suitable for you, our family law team can provide specialist legal advice to individual clients.

10 reasons to choose Stokes mediation

  • It can save you money and be quicker than the court process.
  • It can be arranged to fit around your needs and your timescales.
  • It can improve communication between you, which can be particularly beneficial if you have children together.
  • You will have the services of an experienced family lawyer/mediator who can guide you through the process to a resolution.
  • It allows you, not the Court, to make decisions about your future.
  • It is voluntary, fair and impartial.
  • It is flexible and allows you to explore a range of different options and outcomes.
  • It is a private process and not subject to public knowledge or media attention.
  • It is less formal and less intimidating than the court process.
  • For all the reasons above, mediation clients generally report a better outcome from mediation than from the court process.


When a relationship comes to an end, people often find that they do not know which way to turn. Communication becomes difficult and the future suddenly seems very uncertain.

How does mediation work?

  1. Mediation is not marriage counselling. It focuses upon helping you move forward when a relationship has ended.
  2. We offer a free initial, individual appointment to advise you fully about the mediation process and answer any queries you may have.
  3. We will advise you about our charges and how you can meet these. Mediation fees are usually much less than if you go through the court process. If you would like a leaflet with details of our mediation fees, please contact us.
  4. If mediation is suitable, a joint mediation session will be take place at our offices in Portsmouth which are centrally located with free on-site parking. Each mediation session will last around 90 minutes and will allow you the opportunity to discuss matters between you with the guidance of the mediator, who will focus on helping you to resolve issues and reach agreements. All discussions in mediation sessions are confidential so that you can discuss matters freely and openly.
  5. We can provide mediation for divorce, financial matters in connection with divorce, and arrangements for your children and property ownership disputes.
  6. At the end of the mediation process, we will provide you with a written summary of the outcome, which you can then take to your Solicitor to obtain legal advice upon the agreements reached. You do not need to have legal representation to take part in mediation, but we recommend that you seek legal advice upon any agreements reached before entering into a legal binding contract or agreeing to a Court Order.


Please contact us to find out how family mediation could help you…

Beverley Gent FCILEx
Resolution Family Mediator
Tel: 023 9282 8131

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